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Dr Kate’s Kalmpets Dog Day Stay NOW OPEN!

Dr Kate opened Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre in Balcatta on 9 February 2015. Featuring Kalmpets Dog Day Stay – Perth’s state of the art dog day care, Kalmpets Behaviour Consultations and KALM Dog Training.
Kalmpets Dog Day Stay – open Monday to Friday – 7am – 6pm licensed for 40 dogs, Dr Kate’s Kalmpets Dog Day Stay is an Australian first as it’s part of Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre and operated by Dr Kate, vet behaviourist. As Perth’s premier dog day care, Kalmpets Dog Day Stay’s focus is meeting the behavioural, social and physical needs of dogs under the guidance of Dr Kate who is on premises. The unique Kalmpets Curriculum developed by Dr Kate equips dogs with essential life skills in socialisation and resilience and enhances brain and body fitness, essential for healthy well-balanced dogs. Our aim is for dogs to have fun, meet new friends, play and learn new things. We care about your dog’s safety and have taken the Off-Leash Play Safety Pledge Kalmpets cares about your dog's safety - Dog Guru Safety pledge

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Kalmpets Behaviour Consultations

Kalmpets Behaviour Consultations in-clinic behavioural consultations with a veterinary behaviourist.

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KALM Dog Training

KALM Dog Training – using our exclusive KALM Dog Training method – intensive, one-on-one training sessions tailored to you and your dog’s needs, age and stage, skill-level – specific to your dog’s temperament / personality. KALM Dog Training – provides you with a comprehensive education in dog behaviour and hands on instruction in best practice positive dog training techniques;

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Kalmpets Specialist Pup Program

• Kalmpets Specialist Pup Program: 2 x one on one training sessions with Kalmpets’ Head Trainer to extend your pup’s education using our exclusive KALM Dog Training method complimented with attendance at Kalmpets Dog Day Stay for a 4 week period on Monday / Friday or both (maximum of 2 days per week) where your pup will socialise with other pups, learn valuable life-skills and participate in our buddy system.

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• Kalmpets Coaching Classes – companion animal education – a range of classes, seminars and services focused on aspects of companion animal behaviour.


Perth’s only sole focus vet behaviour practice for problem pets

Pets are Dr Kate’s life and a part of her family.

Since early childhood Dr Kate has been fascinated by animals, their behaviour and their care.  It inspired her to study zoology, become a vet and achieve further qualifications in the area of veterinary behaviour medicine and in February 2015 open Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre.  Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre offers access to qualified veterinary behaviourists who treat companion animals with behavioural conditions, working mainly with dogs and cats in Perth, Western Australia.

In 2012, Dr Kate established Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre, Perth’s only sole focus vet behaviour practice for pet behaviour problems.  Kalmpets’ mission is to create calm for all.


When dog training doesn’t seem to be effective, Perth’s Dr Kate can help.

Understanding how animals feel is at the heart of what Dr Kate does.  Translating what their actions are really saying about their well-being is how she does it.  All behaviour is a result of a combination of genetics, environment and learning.  At Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre, your pets’ behaviour is interpreted by vet behaviourists in relation to these three key elements which are used to develop individualised management strategies.


Solutions to common pet problems

Along with the positive benefits of having a pet, Dr Kate knows problems arise when they behave in unacceptable or abnormal ways.  Understanding pets’ behaviour can be hard, dealing with it calmly and effectively can be even harder.  Incorrect or overuse of dog training or obedience training methods, punishment, surrender or even euthanasia are all common reactions to problem pets.

At Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre, each pet as an individual, case by case.  Solutions are available.  A Kalmpets Behaviour Consultation can improve behaviour problems in dogs, cats and pets such as:

  • Anxiety, fears and phobias;
  • Aggression;
  • House soiling;
  • Destructive behaviours;
  • Barking;
  • Repetitive behaviours – excessive licking, tail chasing, pacing;
  • Cognitive dysfunction (dementia);
  • Canine and feline obesity.

Pets make life better.  But, problem pets can make it stressful.  Kalmpets – creating calm for all.