An Introduction to Dog Sports



An Introduction to Dog Sports

  Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “you should do a dog sport with your dog”? Ever wondered what it means? For years dogs have been bred to either work with or for humans. Dog sports are a great way to nurture the human/animal bond and continue to use and provide productive



Feed me….what food is right for your dog?

  Many clients I see feed a pure kibble (dry biscuit) based diet … Can you imagine how you would feel eating the same type of food, over and over, day after day …? In my opinion feeding solely a biscuit/kibble based diet is



4WDing in my Ferrari

If I told you that I’d just bought a Ferrari and I was taking it out for a test drive this weekend where would you expect me to take it? Open road somewhere with some nice sweeping corners? What about if I

Mental illness … those two words seem to trigger such a vast array of reactions… Some people are very accepting and understanding, whereas other people think that the whole concept is fictitious. After all, if mental illness occurs in the brain,