Day School for Dogs


Question: What is the day school curriculum?  

Answer: In 2014, the Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre opened Kalmpets Dog Day-care, a family-focused, dog-friendly day school designed to maximise the behavioural health and wellbeing of dogs.


Question: How is the Kalmpets Curriculum different from others in terms of the overall structure?

Answer: The program is different from other day cares because of the uniqueness of the day school and the skill level of the team. The day school assists clients who are trying to balance demanding schedules and family commitments with achieving their goal of having a resilient family companion. The curriculum is designed to teach students a basic vocabulary of cues, practical life skills and good social skills.

Kalmpets students arrive at school each morning to take part in a structured day consisting of supervised playtime with other students of a similar age and personality, engaging in the weekly enrichment theme, regular bathroom breaks and rest periods. They return home content and well-balanced each afternoon.

The program has a 10:1 student-to-coach ratio allowing for individualised attention with a priority on promoting resilience and well-being for all students at the school.


Question: Do you have a set curriculum, or can you vary the experience based on the student?

Answer: There is a standard curriculum, but programs can be customised based on the client’s training goals and the dog’s personality and emotional needs.
Question: Is Kalmpets dedicated only to day care or do you offer other services, too?

Answer: In addition to the day care, Kalmpets Animal behaviour centre offers training consultations, specialist puppy program consultations, click start agility program and problem behaviour consultations.


Question: In many day care and group play situations puppies and dogs actually practice undesirable behaviour. They become emotionally over-aroused and have difficulty understanding signals from other dogs to stop, and what they are learning affects their behaviour outside of the day care, too. How do you ensure that the dogs are learning appropriate behaviours while still having fun?

Answer: Classes have an average of 12 dogs with two instructors. This minimises opportunities for poor social behaviour among the students while giving the instructors the opportunity to maintain control of the group.

Students are divided by size and, most importantly, personality. All classes are directly supervised, and our low student-to-instructor ratio minimises the degree of risk often associated with large-group play.

Our goal is that the students never have a bad day. We believe that dogs who have appropriate behaviour are the best role models for the development of language skills in younger dogs.

We don’t expect dogs to simply deal with the environment. If they are overwhelmed we will remove them and allow them calm time in our zen den or re-direct them to more suitable behaviour or use training techniques or give them a calming task to do then bring them back in once the playgroup has settled. We are careful to ensure that our school is a happy place for every student and that we are able to meet their specific needs.


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About Dr Kate

Perth vet and proprietor of Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre and Dog Day Care, Dr Kate Lindsey completed a first class honours degree in zoology and neuroscience at UWA, followed by a veterinary degree with first class honours, at Murdoch. Since graduating in 2005, Dr Kate has worked as a vet in small animal practices around Perth. As her zoological roots show, she has always had an interest in animal behaviour. Dr Kate successfully completed a post-graduate program in veterinary behaviour medicine and was admitted as a member of The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists by examination in Animal Behaviour in 2012. She is a qualified veterinarian behaviourist. Dr Kate established Kalmpets in 2012, Western Australia’s only sole focus mobile vet behaviour practice that delivered comprehensive solutions to improve behaviour problems in dogs, cats and pets.

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