Thunder-shirts are go!

Perth vet behaviourist and dog behaviour expert Dr KateCanine thunderstorm phobia is a condition characterised by extreme panic. Although there are many efficacious medicinal therapies, not all owners want to rely on medications alone. In a recent issue of The Journal of Veterinary Behaviour a research paper was published by a team at Tufts University which demonstrated a clear significant effect of The Anxiety Wrap (Animals Plus LLC, Huntington, IN). After 5 uses of the Anxiety Wrap 89% of owners reported that it was atleast partially effective in treating their dogs. 80% of owners reported that they would continue to use the Anxiety Wrap. Since this report was published there have been anecdotal reports that the Anxiety Wrap has uses in other forms of situational anxiety.

When using any product we must always be careful to differentiate between calmness and learned helplessness. The phenomenon of learned helplessness occurs when an animal is forced to be exposed to an uncontrollable situation, where no changes in its behaviour effect a change in the environment. This means that if the dog really didn’t like the sensation of the wrap yet nothing it did could change the fact that it was wearing it, it potentially could shut down and become apathetic (emotionless).

Carful introduction of the Anxiety Wrap in a positive way will ensure all associations trigger positive emotional outcomes. More details about The Anxiety Wrap can be found at




About Dr Kate

Perth vet and proprietor of Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre and Dog Day Care, Dr Kate Lindsey completed a first class honours degree in zoology and neuroscience at UWA, followed by a veterinary degree with first class honours, at Murdoch. Since graduating in 2005, Dr Kate has worked as a vet in small animal practices around Perth. As her zoological roots show, she has always had an interest in animal behaviour. Dr Kate successfully completed a post-graduate program in veterinary behaviour medicine and was admitted as a member of The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists by examination in Animal Behaviour in 2012. She is a qualified veterinarian behaviourist. Dr Kate established Kalmpets in 2012, Western Australia’s only sole focus mobile vet behaviour practice that delivered comprehensive solutions to improve behaviour problems in dogs, cats and pets.

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