For Vets

Dr Kate assesses what causes dog obedience training problems and problem dog behaviours

How do I refer a case?

Kalmpets welcomes referral from veterinarians. A referral letter is not required although a medical history is always helpful. Please forward the relevant medical history to Dr Kate Lindsey, (BSc (Hons) BVMS (Hons) MANZCVS (Animal Behaviour) CMAVA.

Any considerations prior to referral?

Typically it is preferred that any animals being referred have had a full medical check-up to assist in identification of any underlying physical or physiological disease that may be exacerbating the animals’ behaviour. In most cases this may include a physical and neurological examination, full blood profile and urinalysis +/- T4 + TSH.

Should I start the pet on behaviour-modifying medication?

Currently a wide variety of beneficial behaviour-modifying medications are available. Success relies on an accurate diagnosis. If behaviour-modifying medications are indicated Dr Kate will refer the client back to their regular veterinarian for a full blood profile prior to commencing medication, if it has not already been performed in the work-up phase.

Most pets placed on behaviour-modifying medications will take them for a minimum treatment period of 6-12 months. To ensure ongoing liver and kidney health, 6 monthly blood tests are recommended during the treatment period. Clients are advised to have this monitoring performed by the referring veterinarian.

In many cases, the referring veterinarian will dispense behaviour-modifying medications as recommended by Dr Kate. Depending on the medication there will be occasions where a prescription is written at the end of a Kalmpets consultation that can be filled at the local pharmacy.

What happens after consultation?

Once the behaviour consultation has been performed, a summary of the diagnosis and management strategy will be emailed to the referring veterinarian. The referring veterinarian is a vital participant in the pet’s behavioural management.

Pets make life better. But, problem pets can make it stressful. Contact Dr Kate to restore calm.