The Kalmpets Curriculum has been written by Dr Kate to ensure that dogs at Perth’s Kalmpets Dog Day Care achieve excellent levels of physical activity, mental stimulation and social engagement during their day. Our program provides enrichment and stimulates each sense. Dr Kate programs a new enrichment theme and a monthly dog training goal is set.

Kalmpets Coaches

Led by Kalmpets Coaches, each team of dogs circulates through our programmed activity zones during their day. Our Kalmpets Coaches are always on hand to support each dog’s individual needs and facilitate team activities that focus on fitness – mind and body. Dr Kate is also on site and checks in regularly to ensure things are running smoothly and that your dog is enjoying their day with us.
The day’s flow is created and regulated by a series of cues that use sight, sound and smell to signal activity periods, change-overs, quiet periods and rest time. High value treats are used to reward good behaviour (with your permission) and we don’t charge extra for pats and cuddles, it’s all part of our care. Dogs can also receive therapeutic massage to using our Equissage mat which relaxes muscles, provides passive exercise and improves circulation.

Kalmpets Dog Day Care – improving your dog’s quality of life

Our Kalmpets Coaches under the guidance of Dr Kate are committed to improving the quality of life of each dog and family who attends Kalmpets Dog Day Care.
Kalmpets Dog Day Care dogs go home fulfilled, balanced, and exercised. You are regularly updated on your dog’s progress too.