Dog Day Care Team

Britt with Mokka and Squash


My friend told me about an opportunity to work at Kalmpets and I jumped at it.

Animals show unconditional love it and it has always been my dream to work with them. My hobbies are really an extension of my work. I volunteer for places in South Africa with lions, cheetahs and a lot of dogs.

I also do a lot of dog walking and house sitting. I love getting out and doing sports, mainly soccer.

I have two dogs named Squash and Mokka who have very different personalities. Squash is now 11 years old and is very independent and Mokka, who is now 5, is a “people person”, and just loves attention and companionship.

Ella with Syd


I first heard about Kalmpets through my mum who is a former dog trainer for the RSPCA. I began working in the Dog Day Care in July of 2015 and have loved it ever since!

I love working with dogs as it allows me to learn about different breeds and their varying personalities every day. They are fantastic company and a lot of fun! 

I have one thirteen year old Kelpie mix named Syd. He is the biggest sweetheart and loves nothing more than being with his family and going for adventurous walks.

Outside of work I enjoy playing volleyball and going out and seeing local and international DJ’s perform. 

Meg with Harley and Reef


I started at Kalmpets when I heard there was an opening so I jumped at the chance. I love working here because I learn a lot about different behaviours of the dogs, and every day I learn something new.

Outside of work I enjoy playing soccer and going jet skiing, as I love the ocean and swimming with all different kinds of marine wildlife. I also enjoy water skiing and camping.

I have 2 Golden Retriever dogs, Reef, who is 8 years old and very shy, unlike my other dog Harley who is 5 months, full of energy and loves to get into trouble.

Pilot with Codei


I heard about Kalmpets while volunteering at The Dogs’ Refuge Home. I began working at Kalmpets after I learned about the philosophy in place, and approach to training and interaction with dogs. This resonated heavily with me.

Through certain experiences in life, coupled with my love for dogs, I developed an interest in canine behaviour and what makes them tick.

Away from work, I enjoy playing video games and conducting online research about a variety of interests – particularly reading articles about canine behaviour and enrichment as well as studies of their abilities and understanding of the environment around them. I also love adventuring with my own dog, Codei, whom I have grown with over the past 12 years. She has been a true anchor.