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Perth’s premier dog day care

Dr Kate’s Kalmpets Dog Day Care sets the new benchmark in Perth dog day care. Part of Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre, Kalmpets Dog Day Care is a large purpose-built, attractive, hygienic facility run, programmed and attended by Perth’s own Dr Kate Lindsey, vet behaviourist.
Kalmpets cares about your dog's safety - Dog Guru Safety pledgeIn August 2015 we took the Off-­Leash Play Pet Center Safety Pledge! We proudly commit that our dog daycare program has been designed for the safety of all dogs. In taking the pledge we strive to ensure the physical safety of each dog.

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Behavioural well-being focus – Kalmpets Dog Day Care

Kalmpets Dog Day Care is unique in Perth. A sensory paradise for dogs, our new purpose-built attractive and hygienic environment features separate zones and a separate Pup only area.

  • Launch Pad (home room)
  • Gym Ruff (exercise zone)
  • Splash Space (water play area)
  • Sensory Tool School (nose work and activities that involve sound, taste, touch, sight and smell)
  • Agility School (obstacle)
  • Zen Den (crate / rest area)
  • Relief Station (toileting facility)
  • Pup Space (only for pups)

Our aim is for dogs to have fun, meet new friends, play and learn new things.

The Day Care is open from 7am to 6pm on weekdays. Closed weekends and Public Holidays.

Dr Kate is behind all we do at Kalmpets Dog Day Care

Perth's best dog day care, Dr Kate's Kalmpets Dog Day Stay

Dr Kate’s Dog Day Care. Photo by Brett Sandells

The design and layout of Kalmpets Dog Day Care, the pre-admission procedure and our unique Kalmpets Curriculum has been developed by veterinary behaviourist, Dr Kate and includes a monthly enrichment theme and dog training focus. There is no other service to match it in Perth.

To start the ball rolling, please click here to access the Dog Day Care Student Profile. This provides us with background on your dog which we use as an information guide to your dog and preliminary assessment tool. If you require more information call (08) 9240 2228 or email us.

Following the assessment of the Kalmpets Dog Day Care Student Profile, we will be in touch with next steps. Being an Animal Behaviour Centre, Kalmpets offers a range of services to suit all your companions needs.


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