Sarah Ogden

Sarah with Rev and Axle

Sarah Ogden is the manager of the Dog Day Care at Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre. Sarah’s qualifications and interests in animal behaviour and sports make her uniquely suited to this role!

In 2003 Sarah started working as a trainee veterinary nurse in a small veterinary practice. After gaining her veterinary nurse qualification, she then took part in a nurse exchange program, travelling overseas to enhance her knowledge and skills.

In 2009, Sarah completed a practice management qualification and was promoted to practice manager.

Sarah has a Labradoodle named Axle and a working Cocker Spaniel named Rev. She competes with them in the dog sport of Agility and has a natural ability to run with, and handle, the dogs of other people. This ability took her overseas as she represented Australia at the World Agility Open Championship in the UK in 2016, and had only one week to bond with, and train her host dog, a working Cocker Spaniel named Phoebe.

Kalmpets clients now have the chance to take advantage of Sarah’s knowledge and skill in the sport of Agility with Click Start Agility for Beginners!