Tracey Lord

Tracey Lord has a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services from the Delta Institute and has spent many years working in animal training in a wide range of areas, including the animal welfare industry, while also running her own successful dog training business and instructing group classes. Whilst she very much enjoys all aspects of animal training, Tracey has always had a passion for behaviour and has devoted countless hours to learning as much as possible about canine and feline cognitive function.

Tracey with Stitch, Mojo and Zac

In 2013, Tracey met Dr Kate Lindsey and so began the creation of Perth’s only specialised behavioural veterinary centre, with a focus on prevention and treatment of behavioural problems.

Over the years, Tracey has also been the guardian of multiple dogs with breeds ranging from Norwegian Elkhounds to Shih Tzu mixes, many of which have come into Tracey’s care due to their behavioural problems. Through working with these dogs Tracey has developed not only skills, but also a deep understanding of the daily struggles owners face when living with and training a dog with behavioural disease.

Tracey with Maggie

As Kalmpets Head Trainer and Behavioural Modification Therapist, Tracey works with animals and their owners to address a wide range of behavioural issues and focus on creating a harmonious relationship between animal and owner. She is also regularly called on to assess dogs in pound and was the creator of the Kalmpets Specialist Pup Program, which ensures early detection and treatment of behavioural disease.

When she isn’t helping the people of Perth with their dogs, Tracey enjoys competing in agility with two of her own dogs, as well as volunteering as an instructor at the local agility club.